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Globevest Consulting


Our team of experienced Professionals are able to provide you with the highest quality construction services, albeit a restoration project, a new facility or site preparation – on time, and within budget!

Our experience dealing with multi-million Rand Projects, as well as small scale renovations, allows us the ability to ensure that our clients receive only the best quality products and services at all times.

Globevest Consulting has Sucessfully completed work in the following fields

Roads Infrastructure
Electrical Infrastructure
Waste Water Infrastructure
Our services, ranging from pre-design feasibility studies to Development, as well as Facilities and Project Management, allows our experienced team to work hand in hand with our clients, to ensure the development and management of their assets is a successful partnership. This approach has seen Globevest Consulting being included within a number of major frameworks, as well as being able to undertake repeat programmes of work for our clients.