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Boasting over 32 years of experience within the generalist recruitment field, the team at Globevest Recruitment is able to assist you with all your recruitment needs on all levels, from junior to executive vacancies.

We pride ourselves on the long-term relationships we have built with our clients within a wide range of industries, and it is this that has allowed us to be truly considered as a top notch and experiences generalist consultancy.

Our Industry Exposure

but not limited to:
Finance (Commercial and Financial Services)
Engineering, Mining & Construction
Property Management
Industrial Manufacturing
Retail & Wholesale
Government & Public Sector
Information Technology
Supply Chain & Logistics
Import & Export
Production & Manufacturing
Our motto of “quality over quantity” ensures that our clients only get the best available talent sent to them, and making the recruitment process a hassle free and easy process.

The Employer

We offer a range of recruitment solutions which include talent sourcing, permanent staff placements, temporary agency personnel services, payroll out sourcing, human and and legal advisory services.

We can also assist with Credit, Criminal and Financial verifications.

At The Globevest Group we screen and interview the best professional candidate for you company, We believe that talent and experience is as important to your organization as cultural contribution and that aligns with your company values.

We understand that time is money and that is why you have recruited us to recruit for you, we will send you quality over quantity candidates.

Our Team are all experts in their respective fields and cover most industries and specialties, including but not limited to Finance, Administration, IT, Medical, Financial Services, Retail, Artisans and Blue Collar workers

Our Candidates

We understand that making the decision to change companies and even sometimes careers can be an extremely daunting, stressful and uncertain time in your life.

We explain, go through and keep you updated during the whole process. We will prepare you for the workplace, helping you develop your career is our top priority.

We also offer professional CV and resume draughting to non – Applicants that feel their CV’s are not getting the attention of potential employers. From one pagers for school leavers entering into the job market to multiple page CV’s for professionals with years of experience .